Wound Healing

January 2018

Dr. Jasmina Begic Prim. Md. Phd. Dermatovenerologist Sarajevo University Clinical Center Bosnia & Herzegovina Association for Wound Management


BIOPTRON and I have been friends for many years. Everything started as a real woman's story 20 years ago. Every morning I started with BIOPTRON, along with the first morning coffee. It would brighten my face in just 8 minutes and I continued to notice positive changes afterword: a better tonus of the facial skin, no wrinkles at all. I also used BIOPTRON in treating my family members for different causes, such as acne and pain.

My professional story with Bioptron starts with the project: Project of Clinical Research „Appliance Bioptron polarized light (480-3400nm) in the Therapy of Dermatosis: Acne Vulgaris and Ulcer Cruris“ approved by members of Scientific Research Institute of University Clinical Center Sarajevo and Members of Ethics Committee of University Clinical Center Sarajevo. (Number 03.05.-5768.date: 08.03.04.)

As a dermatologist, over the past 15 years, I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity to treat patients who believe in BIOPTRON as a new method of treatment at the Dermatology Department, University Clinical Center Sarajevo.

The effects of polarized light (480-3400nm) in the treatment of adolescent patients with acne showed a significant improvement in a short period of time, with no scares,without recurrence of the disease and with significant improvement of the patients quality of life. All these were the subject of my master thesis which I defended in 2013:
“Efficacy of Polarized Light (480-3400nm) in Acne Vulgaris Therapy in Adolescents“.

In particular, I would input the mechanism of action of polarized light (480-3400nm), photon, in the process of the cure of chronic wounds of different ethiology. In our overview of the number of patients with chronic wounds which has been rapidly increasing over the recent period of time, ulcus cruris, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot, vasculitis, we have achieved exceptional results in the most difficult cases:
1. Faster healing of ulcers
2. Complete recovery
3. Less infection, eradications in some case of MRSA
4. Reduced infection, reduced time of hospitalization and length of antibiotic therapy,
5. Improved quality of patient’s lives
6. Pain reduction
My extraordinary story with Bioptron is to be continued, because in 57 years I have no facial wrinkles and my skin has a good tonus. In the moments of doubt, it brought me back my will and strength.

And the most important is that I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to use BIOPTRON polarized light (480-3400 nm) in a co-operative and non-invasive way to help all patients who have contacted me, to improve their quality of life and quality of life of their families, to reduce the costs of society for treating patients with chronic wounds and gaining their confidence as a doctor, which is the first step towards successful cure.

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